Software Consultant and Developer
Daniel Azcona Coya
Date of birth:
July 12, 1978
I like to work in projects of high complexity that involve intellectual and technical challenges. I have participated in developments for almost all possible environments: Windows applications, Windows Server applications, Web applications (front and back programming), Mobile applications, 3D Video games, MMO Games and old school J2ME games. In addition to my work as consultant and programmer I have launch 5 companies as entrepeneur.
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Consultant Frontend Programmer
11.2018 - current
I’m in charge of upgrading from Flash to ReactJS all the educational modules with the interactive activities of the platform, and making the connections with the API of the backend.
reactjs javascript html5 css3
Cerebriti Technologies
Consultant Lead Programmer
06.2018 - current
I work leading the development of all the portals and apps of the company Cerebriti Technologies.
php mysql javascript html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu nodejs
Confidential investor
Consultant Fullstack Programmer
01.2018 - 05.2018
A group of cryptocurrency investors commissioned me to develop an online trading browser platform to provide social trading services. It worked from any device, centralizing all the communications in NodeJS servers that communicated with the APIs of each Exchange. The project was closed due to the loss of value of the cryptocurrencies and the abandonment of the project by the investors.
php mysql javascript html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu nodejs
Cerebriti Technologies
Consultant Lead Programmer
06.2015 - 01.2018
I work leading the development of all the portals and apps of the company Cerebriti Technologies.
php mysql javascript html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu nodejs
Pinpilinpauxa Entertainment
Owner and Single programmer
10.2011 - 06.2015
I formed my fifth company to bill freelance services to third parties. We develop these projects:
  • PvP multiplayer game in real time for mobile in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, against PHP + MySQL servers and Node.JS using websockets. (Client: Goal 2 Goal, for Real Madrid's official app)
  • Full development (FrontEnd + BackEnd) of the game portals, and Programming of an internal administration CMS. Using HTML5, CSS3 against PHP and MySQL. (Client: Cerebriti Technologies)
  • Promotions in the form of Facebook game pages, using Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and Twitter APIs for advertising agencies (clients: Creative Territory, Multi Platform Content, Visual Design)
  • Promotional hybrid apps for iOS and Android using the Cordova framework for advertising agencies. (Clients: Multi Platform Content, Mobile Dreams)
  • Programming of responsive themes for WordPress from scratch for advertising agencies, for homepages of brand promotions, development of corporate portals with WP: (client: Territorio Creativo)
  • Programming of responsive landing pages for product promotions and brand launches for advertising agencies. (Clients: Territorio Creativo, Multi Platform Content)
  • Responsive theme programming and component editing for Joomla, for the creation of an official portal for the Community of Madrid. (Client: Cerebriti Technologies)
  • Development of the educational platform IDE Didactica that included an interactive map with highlights of Extremadura, and games and animations with synchronized locutions, using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
  • Development of the front-end part first in AngularJS and then creating my own MVC library for an app for reading educational ebooks and interactive exercises. Creating applications for Android tablets using Cordova and for Microsoft Surface using WinJS. (Client: One Click )
  • Corrections on corporate portals developed in Symfony (client: Systia)
  • Development in C# for Windows of Financial Trading Robots and Graphical Indicators for the Ninjatrader software (client: trading firm -confidential-)
c# joomla wordpress nodejs php mysql javascript symfony angular html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu
Bibado Games
Owner and Single programmer
06.2011 - 10.2011
I formed my fourth company, Bibado games S.L.U. This company was created to offer outsourcing services to third parties and a few months later I sold it to one of my investment partners of Multi WebGames.
php mysql javascript html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu
KOI Games
Co-owner and CTO
05.2011 - 07.2011
I sold my participation in Multi WebGames S.L. in exchange for a stake in the company KOI Games S.L. of which I was part as CTO, integrating the games of the television series that we already had in Multi WebGames with the game of the Hispania series for Antena 3.
php mysql javascript html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu
Light Project
Freelance programmer
09.2010 - 12.2010
Development of a promotion for Nokia in Madrid that consisted of a software for the N8 phones with Symbian that made a 360º capture in bullet time of the people inside the circle and sent the images to servers that generated a video with all the frames. After that, the servers sent the video to another N8 that allowed to edit the video and add some personal data for a contest, and this package was sent back to the server and from there uploaded to the web servers of the promotion.
c++ qt symbian
Multi WebGames
Co-owner and CTO
02.2009 - 05.2011
Company that I formed together with several investing partners for the development of massive multiplayer browser games, developed in PHP against MySQL, and with HTML, CSS and jQuery interface. In this company, my position has been CTO. We have published the official games of several television series:
  • of the Aguila Roja series for RTVE
  • of the Fisica o Quimica series for Antena3
  • of the Aida series for Tele5
  • of the series Pekin Express for Cuatro
php mysql javascript html5 css3 apache nginx ubuntu
Screen Box
Freelance programmer
09.2007 - 02.2008
Development of the prototype of an application in C # .NET for Windows Mobile smartphones for deaf people commissioned by the ONCE foundation. The software receives the voice of the interlocutor, makes an ASR recognition and translates it into words in the sign language, which appear as visual animations on the mobile. To do this I had to develop a library of speech recognition (Automatic Speech Recognition).
c++ c#
Consultores Europeos
Freelance programmer
07.2005 - 12.2005
Development of a management system for a fleet of transport trucks, using GPRS and SMS systems, and a server with GIS libraries that allowed receiving information in real time via internet of the position of the trucks on real maps.
c++ gis
Freelance programmer
05.2005 - 05.2009
As a web application development consultant for the company REDBUS, of Murcia, I have carried out 9 projects of analysis and development of web projects, using PHP against MySQL, among which are a complete search system on millions of records and a complete CMS from scratch.
php mysql javascript oracle
Sato Electrónica
Freelance programmer
01.2005 - 07.2005
Development of a remote management system for groups of security cameras over the internet and reception and video recording via streaming. For this application I used the proprietary SDKs of the Korean company that developed the PCI capture card. The application consists of a client part, which is responsible for recording the video and perform motion detection and sending alerts, and a server part, which allows streaming video to the control post and scheduling the cameras. The system allowed up to 16 cameras to be streamed at once and control over more than 2,500 cameras throughout the world.
OKER Factory
Owner and Single programmer
08.2004 - 02.2009
I formed this company dedicated to the development of 3D video games for computers, mobile phones and web platforms. We publish several games:
  • Complete development of the official 3D video game of the World Series race in Bilbao.
  • Complete development of two 3D educational video games to teach children the danger of smoking for the Comunidad de Madrid.
  • Complete development of an application for Mac and Windows with several games for children for the Agipad association.
  • Complete development of two educational 3D video games to learn food habits using only the programming technology of the DVD menus so that they can be played on any DVD player, for the Obra Social Kutxabank client.
  • Full flash development of the educational game Os Corresponsables to educate in gender equality for the Xunta de Galicia.
  • Basque jai-alai 3D video game beta version for Asegarce, at the end the project didn't continue.
c++ direct x qt 3dsmax photoshop opengl dvd menu tech flash
Consultores Europeos
Freelance programmer
07.2004 - 02.2005
An underground parking management system, with automatic detection of the occupancy of each lot through detectors controlled via RS232, allowing occupation messages and automatic statistics, and feedback to drivers with lights above each lot.
c++ dbase
Slater Labs
09.2003 - 07.2004
Senior analyst and co-architect for a software development project for pre-production, 3D post-production and broadcast, aimed at film and television.
c++ direct x qt
Ediversitas editorial
Technical Writer
08.2003 - 08.2003
I was working on a book that explains how to design and implement basic 3D engines for use in video games and 3D applications, commissioned by Ediversitas, but the project was canceled before finishing it, due to the closing of the publishing house.
c++ direct x
Solo Programadores physical magazine
Technical Writer
08.2003 - 08.2003
I was working on an article for the magazine Solo Programadores on the use of Windows HOOKs to develop tools to help the debug process for programmers, but it was canceled before being published, due to the closure of the publisher.
c++ win32
Freelance programmer
05.2003 - 05.2009
As a web application development consultant for the AVU company in Bilbao, I have carried out 16 projects of analysis and development of web projects, using PHP against MySQL, and in some cases against Oracle databases. In some of these projects I had to develop modules in ActionScript so that designers could communicate their flash with PHPs. Among these projects I have developed simulators of Commercial Management, Financial Analysis Platforms and a CMS for the internal management of the different projects and its corporate website.
php mysql javascript oracle actionscript
Freelance programmer
05.2003 - 10.2003
An Economic-Financial Analysis Design application, developed with Borland C++ Builder and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ against MySQL databases.
c++ borland c builder mysql
Previfor Simulations
C++ Analyst Programmer
03.2003 - 07.2003
Analyst-programmer and graphic technology expert developing and optimizing the 3D engine for a series of industrial simulators.
c++ opengl
Programacion Actual physical magazine
Technical Writer
11.2002 - 11.2002
I published an article about creating plug-ins for the WinAMP application.
c++ win32
Freelance programmer
10.2002 - 05.2003
An application of subtitling of films and control of overlay cards, in MsDOS, using the Martos video capture cards and their specific SDKs.
Programacion Actual physical magazine
Technical Writer
10.2002 - 10.2002
I published an article on the creation of DLLs in Windows and their optimization and debugging.
c++ win32
Orein Arts
Lead Programmer
03.2002 - 09.2002
Analyst and only 3D video game programmer with Visual C++ and DirectX developing a base engine that allows generating applications and saving the purchase of the Macromedia Director tool, and a beta 3D video game based on this engine.
c++ direct x 3dsmax photoshop
Official Coca-Cola distributor in Barcelona
Freelance programmer
04.2001 - 08.2002
A commercial management application for the sale of beverages for the PocketPC platform, with the tools of that environment. Development of a library to allow communications between the PC (server) and the PocketPC (client). Development of an OCX for access to databases.
c++ ocx windows ce
C++ Analyst Programmer
06.2001 - 03.2002
3D video game developer with Visual C++ and OpenGL, programming and defining behaviors, artificial intelligence and one of the levels of the game, inside the development team of the 3D video game called TORERO.
c++ opengl maya photoshop sourcesafe
Professor of Physics at the University of Murcia
Freelance programmer
07.2001 - 02.2002
A 3D surface generation application with Visual Basic and OpenGL, displaying a wide range of formulas used in physics.
visual basic opengl
Philadelphia bakery
Freelance programmer
01.2001 - 04.2001
A billing application for bakeries made in Borland C++ Builder.
c++ borland c builder
Closed CAD/CAM company
Freelance programmer
03.2000 - 08.2000
I made a CAD application in Borland C++ Builder and Visual C++. Was able to work with PostScript and PDF files.
c++ borland c builder ps cad
Panda Software
C++ Analyst Programmer
09.1999 - 06.2001
As R&D Analyst I participated in the following projects:
  • Network Management Software, using TurboC++, Visual C++ and Borland C++ Builder. Use of the Novell SDK. (products: Panda Invent v3 and v4)
  • Hardware and software inventory software, using TurboC++, Visual C++ and Borland C++ Builder. Use and development of VxD drivers. (product: Panda Invent v3 and v4)
  • Exchange mail servers. Use of Visual C++ against Microsoft VSAPI. Control of Microsoft 2000 AS services. (product: Panda Antivirus for Exchange 5.5, 2000 and Cluster servers)
  • Antivirus. Use of Visual C++ and SoftIce. (product: Panda Antivirus for Exchange 5.5, 2000 and Cluster servers)
c++ msdn borland c++ builder novell sdk ms vsapi ms exchange servers softice cluster servers sourcesafe
C++ Analyst Programmer
07.1999 - 09.1999
Analyst-programmer of industrial control applications and terminals in Visual Basic and Visual C++. Development of applications for touch screens. Learning programming in PLCs' own language. Design of relational client-server databases in SQL Server.
visual basic c++ plc sql server sourcesafe
Panda Software
Contest programmer
05.1999 - 09.1999
Development of a file encryption application in Visual C++ for a contest organized by Panda Software. For this application I invented a mathematical encryption algorithm. Even though I won one of the contest prizes, they did not give it to me because they preferred to hire me for the company.
Consultoría y Comunicaciones
Visual Basic Programmer
06.1999 - 07.1999
Programmer of CRM/ERP applications in Visual Basic and SQL Server, in a client-server environment, Programmer of management applications in Visual Basic and SQL Server, in client-server environment, for the factories of the final customer Fagor.
visual basic sql server
Particular photographer
Freelance programmer
05.1999 - 06.1999
Development of a management application in Visual Basic and ODBC, to control a collection of photographs for a professional photographer.
visual basic odbc
Oracle Programmer, intern
03.1999 - 06.1999
Developer of applications in Developer 2000 and Oracle, in a client-server environment. System administration with Oracle. R&D in the creation of new controls in Developer 2000.
oracle developer 2000
Amateur astronomer
Freelance programmer
01.1999 - 03.1999
Development of an application for calculating planetary orbits in Visual C++, Visual Basic and Turbo Pascal.
c++ visual basic pascal
Zeus / Dinamic Multimedia
C++ Programmer
09.1998 - 03.1999
Programmer of video games on 3D using Visual C++ and DirectX 5, developing the behaviors and artificial intelligences of the enemy characters in the 3D graphic adventure team called NRGY. I was also in charge of the design and development of special effects for explosions, shots, etc.
c++ direct x win32
Private academy TOLOSA
06.1998 - 09.1998
I give notions of use of internet tools to a complete beginners: Browser, FTP, IRC and development of simple web pages. I had to write a manual of 50 pages to be used as class material.
html css ie
Associate degree in Application Development
09.1997 - 05.1999
Development of Windows applications using Visual Basic. Development of MsDOS applications using Turbo C++. Learning analysis with 4GL tools.
San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa